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I know that many questions may come to mind about a Legal Document preparation, process service, loan signing or wedding officiant services. 

Notary Information
Since notarization cause certain guidelines to be met by the state of California, for your convenience, I've provided useful information to aid you during the notarization process.

Please feel free to call QJM Mobile Notary Service at (559) 201-0700 to have your question's answered by a professional Notary 24 hours a day, seven days a week!What you will need at the time of notarization
1.     The document(s) that you                      want notarizing completely  
        filled-out (without signatures)            and correct spelling of names(s).
2.     The person(s) that will either                serve as Subscribing Witness(es).
3.     An acceptable form
                                                             of identification noted below:

Q: What are the acceptable forms of identification?
A: California law allows for various identification documents to be used to verify your identity such as: 

  • Driver's License or ID - for the state of California or a driver’s license issued by another state, and by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s licenses, EXPIRED I.D. STILL MAY BE USED: UP TO 5 YEARS, from the date of notarization.   

  •  Passports - A United States Passport
               1.    No longer requires a foreign passport                              presented to be stamped by the United                            States Citizenship and Immigration                                Services (ISCIS).
               2.    Allows a valid, unexpired consular ID                            document issued by a consulate from the                        applicant's country of citizenship be                                accepted by a Notary as satisfactory                                evidence identity.

  • Personal Knowledge BETWEEN Notary & Document Signer - I as the Notary Public MUST  "personally" know the document signer and have a well-established relationship to use this option; or 
  • Identification Cards - issued by California or another state,
                  - Military Identification Card -  issued by the                             United States,
                  - Inmate Identification Card - issued by                                       the California Department of Corrections and                         Rehabilitation, ONLY when incarcerated in a                           California law enforcement
                           1.   Any form of inmate identification of                                     the Sheriff’s Department, if the inmate is in                               custody, in a local detention facility; or

                           2.   There is reasonable reliance on any one                               of the following forms of identification,                                     provided that the I.D. also contains a                                         photograph description of the person,                                       signature, and identifying number
                  - Employee Identification Card - issued by an                           agency or office of the State of California,                                 agency or office of a city or county,
                  - 2 Credible-Witnesses(s) - Known personally by                       the document signer that can attest that he/she                         doesn't have or can't obtain the required
                     identification required to complete                                             the notarization under oath/affirmation.; lastly
                  - Tribal Identification CardIssued by a                                      federally recognized tribal government as                                satisfactory evidence of identity provided it is                          current or issued in the past 5 years contains a                            signature, description of the person, and serial                                number.         
Common Questions asked by signers
Q: What documents aren't able to be notarized?

A: A Notary Public may NOT notarize documents that are:
  1.  Incomplete
  2. Certified copies of birth, fetal death, death, marriage records.
  3. I-9 documents can ONLY be completed by a certified Immigration Specialist; and
  4. At the Notary Public's discretion, anything that may appear to be fraudulent in any way.

Q: Does the signer of a document has to be present?

A: No, a person may, as a, accompany the notarization process with two credible witnesses completing the notarization. Real Estate and Power of Attorney documents cannot use this type of notarization.
Q: Can the Notary Public select which form to complete the notarization?

A: By law, I am not authorized to select the appropriate form because that would constitute practicing law. If you need advice, contact the local Bar Association in your area or a Lawyer of your choice for more information. For your convenience, I provided California approved and (UPDATED) reproducible forms for your notarization needs.

  1. Acknowledgment 
  2. Jurat

Q: Are there persons that are exempt paying notary fees?

A: Yes, when performing notarial services on a military base, military personnel, veterans, and documents related to military veterans pensions. Also, absentee ballot I.d. and voting materials are exempt from notarization fees, excluding traveling fees.

Useful Information & Links
The links below will provide up-to-date information regarding notary laws for the state of California and expanded answers to questions that were not referenced above!

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